Wanderers are a race of aliens that appear to have invaded, "harvested", and then abandoned The World and their wounded. The Player is a Wanderer, as is builder. They have many arms and are feared and attacked on sight by the human survivors.


The Wanderers appear to have attacked and Harvested much of The World's resources, leaving hastily without a number of Wanderers. From the Battlefields and Boreholes, it can be determined that the humans put up considerable resistance, but were eventually defeated. Much of the terrain in The World is described as being dusty, dry, or dead, so it is likely that the invading Wanderers had something to do with it. After the main force left, human society seems to have collapsed. Humans are still angry with, and fearful of the remaining Wanderers, usually attacking on sight if armed, and cowering in fear if unarmed, as seen in certain cities.


"builder says there are more wanderers. says they'll work too".

Player: Founded a wanderer village and then proceeded to raid the surrounding areas, subjugating them under wanderer control before leaving in the repaired Spaceship.

Builder: Builder was near death when she stumbled into the Firelit Room. She is an expert in building things, as her name suggests, and works side by side with the Player once being warmed up.

Villagers: Wanderers who have come across and decided to join your village. They are capable of performing various jobs including, but not limited to, mining, gathering wood, curing meat, and hunting.

Dead Wanderers: Found in certain combat situations, killed by a marauding human scavenger.

Wandering master: 'The Master' can be found occasionally and will ask for lodgings for the night. If you agree he will offer to teach you 1 of 3 things. These are evasion, precision, and force. There is also an offer for nothing.

Scout: 'Scout' can either let you buy a map which reveals a small portion of the map, or she can teach you scouting.

The Lone Wanderer: A lone wanderer found in a swamp

Seller: He sell the locals of the world for a dragon heart

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