As the player builds more building structures, occupations will become available that allow the population to create or exchange certain resources every 10 seconds. Taking control of new mines on The World will open up more occupations to the player.


Available once villagers arrive.
wood: 1


Unlocked by building the Lodge.
fur: 0.5
meat: 0.5


Unlocked by building the Lodge.
meat: -1
bait: 1


Unlocked by building the Tannery.
fur: -5
leather: 1


Unlocked by building the Smokehouse.
meat: -5
wood: -5
cured meat: 1

Iron MinerEdit

Unlocked by liberating the Iron Mines (I)
cured meat: -1
iron: 1

Coal MinerEdit

Unlocked by liberating the Coal Mines (C).
cured meat: -1
coal: 1

Sulphur MinerEdit

Unlocked by liberating the Sulphur Mines (S).
cured meat: -1
sulphur: 1


Unlocked by building the Steelworks.
iron: -1
coal: -1
steel: 1


Unlocked by building the Armoury
steel: -1
sulphur: -1
bullets: 1

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