Trade Goods are resources that can be acquired by exchanging 1 or more resources for another type of resource.

The ability to trade or "Buy" goods is unlocked after creating a Trading Post. Certain items are only added to the trading post after discovering them on the world map.


Trade Goods Cost
Scales 150 Fur
Teeth 300 Fur
Iron 150 Fur, 50 Scales
Coal 200 Fur, 50 Teeth
Steel 300 Fur, 50 Scales, 50 Teeth
Medicine 50 Scales, 30 Teeth
Bullets 10 Scales
Energy Cell 10 Scales, 10 Teeth
Bolas 10 Teeth
Grenade 100 Scales, 50 Teeth
Bayonet 500 Scales, 250 Teeth
Alien Alloy 1500 Fur, 750 Scales, 300 Teeth
Compass 400 Fur, 20 Scales, 10 Teeth

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