The Outside/The Village is where the player spends most of the time delegating the tasks between villagers, gathering wood, or checking any traps for extra resources.

Growth and PopulationEdit

Outside The Room waits a silent forest. As the player begins to build and expand, the forest will eventually become a teeming village, and the villagers will become vital assets to the player's continued growth and expansion.

A Silent Forest Edit

"the sky is grey and the wind blows relentlessly"
The player first gains access to A Silent Forest. If the player has no Traps, the only action available is to "Gather Wood".
Number of huts: 0
Population: 0

A Lonely Hut Edit

Number of huts: 1
Population: 4

A Tiny Village Edit

Number of huts: 2-4
Population: 8-16

A Modest Village Edit

Number of huts: 5-8
Population: 20-32

A Large Village Edit

Number of huts: 9-14
Population: 36-56

A Raucous Village Edit

Number of huts: 15-20
Population: 60-80

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