This article covers how to finish game without building single hut.

Computer EditionEdit

It's impossible.

iOS editionEdit

!!! Warning, Spoilers !!!

- If you have not already played through it then do so first, you will thank me later -

On iOS an update has been released that make the dusty trail open once the compass is obtained in the shop.

You will start like a normal game and gather wood and stoke the fire until you are able to buy a cart.

After buying a cart you will save enough wood to buy traps. This will be your major source of fur. Keep building traps until you have all thirty.

Harvest these two resources until you have enough to buy a compass and do so. After this you will be able to access a dusty trail and leave to the village and enter the world.

There should be several houses close by to you. Head to them and take the most direct path possible to avoid starvation. Battle the scavenger and claim the house as post. You will then make trips back and forth between your room and the post to collect cured meat. About 60 is preferred to have at any one time as this will give you enough cured meat for several trips and the old Wanderer scenario.

Let your builder gather wood for you as she will soon stop producing wood. Once you are satisfied with your wood stores then build a workshop.

I am not certain, but fairly sure that if you have not built a hut yet then the no hut run scenarios will start after this, this next bit is under that assumption)

Once you do so the builder will fall unconscious, the fire will go out, and you will receive her locket. Start the fire and cart wood until she is awake again, similar to the start of the game. She will tell you that she wants to leave and to go find her ship.

The option to use the builder now only says that she is resting. You will then build a spear and several torches. Keep one torch for the old Wanderer and use the rest to explore caves and outposts to gather more friendly posts. Maybe it's just me, but on my most successful no-huts run, I just kept using my fists to fight. Eventually I could do almost 23 dmg per hit, by leveling up perks. Once you reach 150 punches(misses not counting) you do 8 dmg per hit. Another 150 punches, and you do 16 dmg. Then, you need to get the barbarian perk.

Take your spear and a torch and raid the iron mine. You may need a water upgrade to get there but do not get a rucksack or leather armor because this will only be a waste of leather. Once you have the iron mine you can make trips to collect iron in a similar fashion to collecting cured meat. As long as you stay on the path you will not need to bring your spear and experiment to find out how to bring minimal food as well. Collect enough for a wagon and buy that, continue to collect till you have enough to get armor, a sword, and a cask.

Leather may be required to build items and because you don't have a tannery you will get leather either from the store or from gaunt looking men. The most effective way is to travel into the periods and circle around your posts to trigger the random battle scenario and when you need water or food, use the post.

Harvest resources till you can build water, armor, and a sword.Try not to go out to far one way as it will only trigger harder enemies and longer distances from posts.

Some time around this point locket events will start to occur. The locket will either lead you to an alien alloy at the cost of one cured meat or reveal a part of your map. You will continue to farm and grow till you are powerful enough to successfully travel into the wasteland, find her ship, and return.

Tips for collecting resourcesEdit

  • Scout an area first, bring only food and a spear so if you die you are fine.
  • Save your rifle and steel sword back at base until you have a clear plan to get to a place and return.
  • Use Bolas to defeat soldiers and man eaters.
  • Find the sulfur mine to unlock the Katana. This is a powerful, light, cheap option that can be bought at the store for a pretty low price and is powerful enough to kill beginning enemies.
  • If trying to gather fur or wood, take your phone with you and do something else and periodically collect your traps and wood.
  • Do not get steel armor, once you get the katana you can build a war mantle using jewels, leather and alloys


Once you collect the ship and return you are given the option of starship on the dusty trail. The spaceship minigame will have new text and be harder although you have more alloy and a special ending

If you get this far then you will an alternate experience and a much more satisfying ending, good job on beating the no hut run!

If you still hunger for more of the dusty trail you should check out the another game made in a similar style by this developer. It is called The Ensign and costs 99 cents on the app store and is a prequel to the events leading up to A Dark Room.

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